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Womens Green animal print dresses

What is a green animal print dress?

A green animal print dress is a dress that has patterns like zebra stripes, leopard spots or another animal print while also being a shade of green.

What is the length of a green animal print dress?

The length of this dress depends on what type the print is on. There’s the midi dress style, where the hemline falls to the knees and fits the rectangle body shape.

A maxi dress is a long dress with a hemline that stops around the ankle and fits the athletic body shape. There’s also the shirt dress that matches the design of a dress shirt and has the same length as a midi.

How to wear a green animal print dress

A dress like this is either casual, dressy or business casual-formal. The colours to accessorise with include black, gold and brown. If the dress is green with black spots, wear black and white boots while wearing matching green earrings.

For the dressy style, wear fabrics like silk or chiffon and pair the dress with heels, a clutch and gold jewellery. For business attire, the dress should be form-fitting; pair it with a blazer. For a royal look, wear green, gold and black. A casual but sensual look includes a silk animal print nightgown with a short hemline. This pattern is also a boho spring and summer look.

Which shoes to wear with a green animal print dress

The shoe you pair with a green animal print dress depends on the look you’re going for, like casual; your choices are trainers, boots, sandals or flip-flops. For business, the choices are loafers, ballet flats or low heels.

Formal calls for heels of all sorts like slingbacks, boots and wedges. Match the colour or the shoe with the shade of green. When in doubt, go with either white or black.

When to wear a green animal print dress

The main seasons for when to wear this dress are spring or summer. The pastel tones match with the spring, while the other shades go well with summer. Green isn’t a fall colour unless it’s hunter green, olive green or mossy green. Brown, rust and orange-red pairs better with the fall season. The same argument can go for the winter months.

Emerald green or pine green are the shades that pair best with the winter season, mostly Christmas.