Bodycon Dresses

Heading somewhere special? Nothing says dressed-up glamour quite like a bodycon dress and luckily for you, we've got a huge selection to choose from. A sleek black bodycon dress will set the tone at smart soirees, whilst elegant occasions may call for bodycon midi dresses with a slightly longer hem. Whatever the dress code, these form-fitting styles will always flatter.

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Womens Bodycon Dresses

What is a Bodycon Dress?

The bodycon dress is the go-to outfit for any self-confident, fashion-forward woman who wants to show off her beautiful body in a classy, stylish way. Bodycon stands for “body-conscious.” Designed to hug the body in a natural way rather than supporting, manipulating or shaping it, bodycon dresses are all about highlighting you. The snug fit flows over and flatters natural shapes, making it the perfect dress for flirty summer fun or evening glamour.

What is the Length of a Bodycon Dress?

Bodycon dresses are on the shorter side, making them the perfect look to show off fashionable tights or natural skin. The most common type is the bodycon midi dress , a fantastic daytime outfit , particularly with the right accessories. There are also shorter styles available for the attention-seeking power woman who prefers a bodycon mini dress. For the conservative woman who favours a more exclusive, classier look, rarer longer outfits are also available. Bodycon dresses are a great choice, and fit, for hourglass and rectangular body shapes. The form fit accentuates a woman’s natural curves.

How to Wear a Bodycon Dress?

Accessorizing a bodycon dress should be fun but not overdone. The point of a bodycon dress is to highlight a woman’s beautiful, natural body shape. Choose accessories wisely. The right touches can completely change a daytime bodycon dress into an evening dress or work outfit .

Jackets are an excellent way to alter the style of this feminine look. A cropped denim jacket lends itself to an edgy, trendier mode, which will fit well with a pair of trainers. For a classier work outfit, choose a neutral or white bodycon dress and pair it with a stylish blazer or detailed waist belt, but not both

Stand out in the evening by wearing a sparkling sequin or fitting black bodycon dress, add a pair of classy shoes, and accessorize with care. A simple shoulder or cross-body bag will do perfectly as a final touch, as would a clutch or circle bag.

Which Shoes to Wear With a Bodycon Dress?

Feeling bold? Channel your inner queen by choosing a bolder colour or print, like a red bodycon dress, and pair it with thigh-high or chunky boots that are made for walking.. Or soften the look by wearing pumps or heeled sandals instead. Bring out your inner villain or femme fatale by adding a simple black trench coat to the dress with a pair of black power heels, bold lips and smokey eyes.

When to Wear a Bodycon Dress?

There’s no such thing as a perfect time to wear a bodycon dress – it’s all about your chosen style and how you accessorize. Parties, informal gatherings or even a casual date night, the bodycon dress can be dressed up, or down.

If you have the confidence to wear it, a bodycon dress can take you from day to night and from casual to formal. It’s up to you.