Jersey Dresses

Promising day (and night) long comfort, opt for a stylish jersey dress for an easy shortcut to style. Choose from jersey maxi dresses with endless wear-anywhere allure, jersey midi dresses that frame your favourite heels with ease and more. For more dressed-up occasions, a sleek black jersey dress always strikes the right note.

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Womens Jersey Dresses

What is a jersey dress?

Jersey fabric is a soft fabric usually made from cotton or silk and blended with a synthetic material. Jersey drapes beautifully, and a jersey dress will conform to most silhouettes.

What is the length of a jersey dress?

Jersey dresses can be any length. Jersey is used in many ways, from A-line shapes that are perfect for camouflaging the figure to the clingy, figure-hugging look.

Jersey midi dresses fall softly to mid-calf length, and whether fitted or softly draping, you won’t be disappointed.

The hemline of a jersey maxi dress reaches your shoes; the fit of this dress can be soft and floaty or figure-hugging. Both look great, whatever the season.

How to wear a jersey dress?

A jersey dress is a versatile garment that you can wear in a myriad of ways.

These dresses come in so many styles and lengths that they can be worn on their own, paired with beautiful accessories, or toned down for an edgy, urban look. This material lends itself to being a blank canvas that you can paint to suit your mood.

Wear it as is, but add fabulous sunglasses and handbags for a stylish fashion statement.

To bring a simple change, take a pretty top and wear it over your jersey dress. Your new skirt and top are perfect for the office or brunch. Now do the reverse and take your jersey dress and tuck it into an edgy skirt , pair it with chunky sandals , and voila, another new look.

Which shoes to wear with a jersey dress

The world is your oyster when it comes to selecting shoes for your jersey dress UK. Hems above the knee pair well with sandals, or for a more edgy look, try boots.

Wearing a jersey mini dress also offers a wide range of options, with flats or heels being great picks.

When to wear a jersey dress?

A jersey dress UK will take you from the desk to drinks and then to any function.

Every girl should have a little black jersey dress in her wardrobe. It can be made ultra-glam when you’re a wedding guest or used as a simple friends-for-dinner dress.

Soft, floaty jersey dresses are perfect for lazy summer days or for that glam garden party—paired with a fabulous hat, glam sunglasses and a casual bag.

As the weather cools, look for a more body-hugging jersey dress. Then, add a cardigan or jacket, tights and boots.