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    Black Recycled Polyester Pointelle Funnel Dress
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  • €74.00 €44.40
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    Tan Recycled Geo Jacquard Collared Knit Dress
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    Choc brown Sleeveless Knit Dress With Recycled Polyester
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    Camel Sleeveless Knit Dress With Recycled Polyester
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Womens Jumper dresses

What is a jumper dress?

A jumper dress is a knitted garment that can be worn in many different ways. For example, a knitted jumper dress is a perfect garment to wear in colder weather. In addition, jumper dresses are ideal for all body shapes and can be paired with knee-high boots.

What is the length of a jumper dress?

Jumper dresses come in different lengths, from thigh length to below the knee. Shorter jumper dresses are more common than longer ones, but the most popular style ends slightly above the knee. If you’re looking for a playful look, an oversized jumper dress that hangs above the knee is the perfect item to wear on an evening out.

How to wear a jumper dress?

When choosing a knitted dress for a casual day out, enhance your look with a pair of square sunglasses , tinted lips and a messy ponytail. You can also spice up your look with a chain crossbody bag If you like to carry a bigger bag, go for a croc shoulder bag. You can also wear jumper dresses to the office. Pair a tight-fitting black jumper dress with a detailed waist belt, thermal tights and a boyfriend sculpted blazer. An animal printed neck scarf can jazz up your look for those after-work dinners.

Which shoes to wear with a jumper dress?

To compliment your dress, you need the right shoes. Luckily, you have several options. If the occasion is informal, you can wear your outfit with a pair of lace-up trainers. For a more feminine look, you can opt for ankle boots and frill trim socks.

If you’re going out with the girls, some tall chunky boots with black tights are the perfect combo for a chic, fun look. A jumper dress is also the ideal excuse to wear a pair of leather seamed boots.

You can pair your jumper dress with a pair of squared toe loafers and match it with a buttoned blazer on a more formal occasion.

When to wear a jumper dress

With so many styles and shapes, there’s no doubt that you’ll find a jumper dress for any occasion. For example, you can enjoy a chic casual look for a weekday brunch . In contrast, a jumper shirt dress rounds off a more elegant look at an evening event. Plus, these dresses are perfect for winter and in-between seasons. So, if you love wearing dresses in winter, a jumper dress is a must-have item.