Lace Dresses

Invoke a sense of ethereal elegance with our range of ladylike lace dresses. Pretty perfect for special days, our lace wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses are sure to make a romantic statement and come in all manner of glamorous guises. Sweep into a special soiree in a dreamy white lace dress cut to the floor or hit the dance floor wearing a flirty black lace dress offset with sky-high heels.

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Womens Lace Dresses

What is a lace dress?

Lace has been a staple of the dressmaker's art since the sixteenth century. When machines took over lace production, its use exploded, and today lace is a cornerstone of many outfits. Lace dresses of any length can be made entirely from lace or only partially. They are classy, classic, and comfortable, and every wardrobe needs one of these versatile dresses.

What is the length of a lace dress?

Lace dresses come in every length imaginable. The lace mini can be fun and flirty or more refined and elegant. Midi-length midi dresses are sleek and chic, while full-length midi dresses are sophisticated and can be very sexy. Depending on what lace style you decide on, it can be worn across all body types. An example is a lace V-neckline dress that looks good on anyone!

How to wear a lace dress?

Lace dresses range from sweet and demure to siren and sexy. Lace is an intricate material, so keep all your accessories simple. Look for a plain handbag with little or no embellishment. Hats and hair accessories can bring out your own style but avoid scarves.

You can easily add a classic touch by adding a blazer over your lace dress. Think of a dark blue jacket over your white lace dress, with a single row of pearls and plain pumps for a simple outfit that exudes flair. Daytime white lace dresses paired with espadrilles and a black fedora will be both street smart and practical for the office.

After dark, that little black lace dress comes into its own. Dress it up with fabulous jewellery, sexy leggings, and slinky heels. “Move over wallflowers: here comes an independent woman.” This is what your red lace dress will say.

Which shoes to wear with a lace dress?

Lace dresses can be paired with any shoe. Rather than being concerned with the specific type, consider the overall look you’re trying to achieve. Mini lace dresses can be paired with strappy sandals, boots, or pumps for a glamorous look. Brightly coloured lace dresses with wedged espadrilles give French flair. Lacy midi dresses go well with chunky trainers for a trendy outfit with street cred.

When to wear a lace dress?

A white lace dress paired with simple accessories will look chic and elegant in any brunch outfit. Black lace dresses for evenings are timeless and elegant. If an overall lace effect is not for you, look at this stylish black crepe dress with a flirty skirt that is the quintessential day-to-night outfit. Traditional brides go for a lace wedding dress, with their attendants each in a lace bridesmaids dress. Your lace bridesmaids' dresses will complement your wedding colour scheme.