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Womens Belted shirt dresses

What Is A Belted Shirt Dress?

A belted shirt dress or a shirt dress with a belt is a dress that has the design of either a t-shirt or a man’s button-up dress shirt with a belt paired with it.

What Is The Length Of A Belted Shirt Dress?

These dresses can come in a variety of lengths. Maxi Dresses have a hemline that falls at the ankles. A midi dress has a hemline that falls near the knee area of the leg. Maxi fits the athletic body type, and the midi is a great fit for the rectangle body shape.

How To Wear A Belted Shirt Dress?

This look can fall into the casual to the business category of fashion styles. The belts that come with the dress are either belts that can come off the dress or are sewn in. Wearing a shirt dress with a belt helps to give the dress a wrapped look. Also, it can slim down the waist area of the bodice, creating a tailored look.

If a shirt dress doesn’t come with a belt, people can buy separate belts to match their look. A leopard print belt with matching shoes goes with a black dress shirt. This is a fun and vibrant look for dates, school or the office. The dress can also come in solid colours, denim, and patterns. It can also be styled with long sleeves and paired with jackets and leggings when it gets cold outside.

Which Shoes To Wear With A Belted Shirt Dress?

Whether it’s pumps, heels, ballet flats, or more, all shoe designs can match with this dress.

Be sure to match the shoe colour and pattern with the dress and the season. Boots and trainers are suitable for the fall and winter. Sandals are a popular choice for the warmer months and high heels are always fun for evening parties.

When To Wear A Belted Shirt Dress?

Belted shirt dresses are for any of the four seasons. Choose a long-sleeved version for wintertime and mid-length sleeves for the fall. Short or strappy sleeves are cool for the warm months. Don’t forget to match the colour and pattern of the dress with the season. Pastels and florals look great in the spring. Bold colours and patterns go with summer, while dark colours and animal prints go with fall/winter. The looks for this dress are endless and buyers have many options to choose from.

You can wear this dress from day to night, to a morning brunch, picnic with your friends or family, a cocktail at the pub or on a date night.