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Womens Blue shirt dresses

What Is a Blue Shirt Dress?

A blue shirt dress is an extended version of a shirt and is worn as a dress. You can find shirt dresses with collars, front buttons, or cuffed shoulders. Blue shirt dresses come in different styles, making them iconic items for any occasion. The colour blue can range from light pastel hues to deep navy or midnight versions.

What Is the Length of a Blue Shirt Dress?

Shirt dresses come in various lengths. If you have a petite figure, choose a shirt dress that hangs below the mid-calf area. If you’re tall and skinny, go for a denim shirt dress with a length that falls slightly below the knee. Show off your curves with a tight-fitting dress, or soften your curves with a floral printed midi dress shirt.

How to Wear a Blue Shirt Dress?

Blue shirt dresses come in different materials, such as cotton, denim, check, and dotted fabrics. You can use the type of material as a guide for choosing the right accessories.

If you’re wearing a denim dress, pair it up with a wooden beaded bag, aviator sunglasses, and a satin ruched headband. You can also emphasize your waist with a chain detailed waistband.

When wearing a printed dress, choose a solid coloured shoulder bag to accompany your look. Keep your hair in place with a black headscarf, and for cooler weather, layer your dress with a leather biker jacket.

With a plain coloured dress, boost your look with an animal cord shopper bag. Wear rectangular frame sunglasses and a soft-coloured lipstick.

Which Shoes to Wear With a Blue Shirt Dress?

When it comes to choosing shoes to fit your shirt dress, the possibilities are endless. First, if you’re dressing for a semi-casual occasion, choose a pair of square toe loafers. Then, enhance your look with a croc detailed shoulder bag and a one button cardigan.

For a semi-formal dinner, go with a pair of heels. Then, round off your look with a tassel sequin mini bag and neutral makeup.

Create a relaxed but stylish look by wearing a blue t-shirt dress with chunky boots, a croc detailed circle bag and bind your hair in a messy bun with a printed scrunchie.

When to Wear a Blue Shirt Dress?

Shirt dresses are perfect for any occasion. Wear it on a night out with friends or even a date night. You can also wear a solid-coloured dress to work or important business meetings. Denim shirt dresses are ideal for all seasons, as you can wear them over a long sleeve shirt and tights.