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Womens Navy shirt dresses

What Is A Navy Shirt Dress?

A navy shirt dress or a navy t-shirt dress is a dress that has the design of a t-shirt or a man’s button-up dress shirt. Navy is a very dark blue colour.

What Is The Length Of A Navy Shirt Dress?

The length of a navy shirt dress can vary according to its design. Some of these can have a mini hemline that falls a few inches or more above the knees. Shirt dresses that fall to the knee area and calf are midi dresses, and ones that fall near the ankle area are maxi dresses. Depending on the length and silhouette of the dress, a lot of body types can wear this look. Girls with an athletic body are a perfect fit for a maxi; and, the rectangle shape pairs best with midis. For pear and inverted-triangle shapes, find a shirt dress with a belt or a wrapped look to it since it can define your curves.

How To Wear A Navy Shirt Dress?

Wear colours like red, gold, white, silver, grey, and aquamarine with this dress. These are some of the best colours to pair with navy, whether it’s in a colour bag, hat, or jewellery. Also, this style of dress is more casual to business attire; than formal or semi-formal. For work, wear a blazer, strappy low heels, and carry a tote. Belts can also add a sense of flair to this design, whether it’s for work or a night on the town. A cute date look would be a swing shirt dress, red earrings, a red headband, and white heels.

Which Shoes To Wear With A Navy Shirt Dress?

All shoe types, except for formal, pair with this dress. Dressy shoes are either flashy or metallic in design and have higher quality materials. Any form of sandals or heels pair with this type of dress in the spring and summer. Boots and trainers are for the colder months. Depending on the length of the dress, ankle boots with leggings are an optimal pairing for fall or winter.

When To Wear A Navy Shirt Dress?

Navy is a staple base colour that goes with all four seasons. Just be sure to match navy with the other colours of that time of year. Red, white, aquamarine, and gold go with summer and spring. Bronze, silver, black, oxblood, and other dark or earth-toned colours match fall and winter styles. You can wear this dress to a picnic, a brunch, festival, the local pub and even glam it up for a date night or restaurant meal with friends and family.