Blue Midi Dresses

In shades ranging from navy to eggshell, our elegant blue midi dresses are perfect for lovers of the perennially stylish shade. In many glamorous guises - from blue floral midi dresses to floor-sweeping pleated maxis - choose a true-blue design to never go wrong.

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Womens Blue Midi Dresses

What Is a Blue Midi Dress?

‘Midi’ refers to a skirt length longer than a mini one but shorter than a maxi . This style has been around since a century ago, when it first became acceptable for women to show their ankles. Recent trends have shown that midis are timeless.

Choose a blue midi dress to convey calm confidence. From casual denim to softer, flowy fabrics, these dresses fit the bill for nearly any occasion.

What Is the Length of a Blue Midi Dress?

The hem of a midi dress hits between the knee and ankle. The length can vary significantly, ranging from just below the knee to slightly above the ankle bone. In general, two to three inches below the knee, or the same distance above the ankle, produces the most pleasant aesthetic. .

How to Wear a Blue Midi Dress?

The options are unlimited, with countless dress styles from which to pick. Juxtapose a dark blue dress with a light-coloured tote or crossbody bag to make a statement. Lighter blues go well with darker leather handbags .

For outdoor events in sunny weather, tortoiseshell sunglasses and a wide-brimmed straw hat complete your look with a touch of elegance. In winter, pair a solid dress with opaque tights, ankle boots and a printed scarf to keep you trendy and cosy.

Which Shoes to Wear With a Blue Midi Dress?

Thanks to their adaptability, midis can be part of a trendy look for any time of day. Nearly anything goes as far as footwear. Choose a trainer, flat sandal, chunky slider or track-sole boot for a casual daytime look. Mules are a perfect option for a dressier occasion, like a casual date. An A-line blue midi dress pairs perfectly with strappy heels for a semi-formal wedding. The simpler the dress, the more detail you can add with shoes and accessories.

When to Wear a Pleated Midi Dress?

This length is versatile, a mainstay for any wardrobe. A blue floral midi dress is sure to turn heads at a summer garden party. Enjoy both style and comfort when you choose a midi for a brunch with friends or family. For office wear , try layering with a blazer for a more tailored effect.