High Neck Midi Dresses

Treading a fine sartorial line between casual and sophisticated, a high-neck midi dress truly flatters any figure and makes a must-add piece to wardrobe rotations. Lovers of bright prints will adore vividly printed styles or opt for a classic black high-neck midi dress when occasions call for a dash of extra smartness.

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Womens High Neck Midi Dresses

What is a High Neck midi dress?

This dress has a high neckline where the garment begins at the top of the body. It can range from sleeveless to short-or long-sleeved. A high neck midi dress is very classy, and you can wear it to add more glamour and style to your wardrobe. Anyone can wear these dresses for a sophisticated look.

What length is a high neck midi dress?

A high neck midi dress ends halfway between the knee and ankle and just above or just below the thickest part of your calf for the most flattering look. A fitted high neck top is best suited to those with a small bust or narrow shoulders looking to create some bulk along the collar line. This also offsets a long face. Adding a belt can also better help define curves for rectangular shaped bodies.

How to wear a high neck midi dress?

In winter , a good fit would be layering with a classic blazer, bomber jacket or coat , either matching it to the colour of the dress or in a contrasting shade. Get creative and wear your dress over rong> jeans for a stylish, layered look, then add boots. Although you can wear this style of dress in a casual or formal setting if you wear a black high neck midi dress, you will never look underdressed; just add a stylish accessory.

A matching handbag looks good with a high neck midi dress, keeping the colour of the dress and bag the same. You can add a belt, a scarf, or a detailed headband with this style. It’s best not to wear any other jewellery with this style of dress as it throws off the balance and makes you look overdone or tacky. Hats will accentuate your high neck dress and add character and sass.

Which shoes to wear with a high neck midi dress?

Your choice of footwear will dictate what kind of look you want to achieve. For elegance at proms or cocktail parties, wear ankle strap heels. For a casual look, wear white sneakers, espadrilles or any flats. For a more elegant/casual look, try nude heeled sandals. To get a casual street outfit, wear chunky ankle boots.

When to wear a high neck midi dress?

High neck midi dresses can be worn in any season and worn sleeveless for summer with sandals or sneakers and layered for the cooler months of the year with jackets, sweaters, and coats. They also look chic for any occasion, from a casual brunch with friends to a day to night outfit where you can go from work to a cocktail party or any other formal occasion.