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Womens Velvet midi dresses

What Is a Velvet Midi Dress?

A velvet midi dress is made from woven, tufted fabric in which the threads are distributed evenly. Velvet dresses are perfect for evening wear as the fabric has a luxuriously soft feel and have a sheen when they catch the light. These dresses are sexy and an ideal garment for accentuating your curves.

What Is the Length of a Velvet Midi Dress?

Midi dresses typically hang near the calf area of your leg. If you’re curvy, choose a velvet dress that falls slightly below the thickest part of your calf. Create an hourglass shape by adding a waist belt that matches the colour of your dress. If you have a square body shape, choose a tight-fitting dress that hangs right below the knee.

How to Wear a Velvet Midi Dress?

When wearing a velvet dress, it’s essential to style your dress according to the occasion. For example, if you’re wearing a black velvet midi dress on a warm evening, keep your jewellery to a minimum and go with either gold or silver. Match your dress with a croc detail circle bag and a pair of high heels.

For a more playful look, choose a printed velvet dress and match it with a croc detail shoulder bag, drop earrings and a chain detail waist belt. Boost your style with bright coloured lipstick and some shimmering eye shadow.

Which Shoes to Wear With a Velvet Midi Dress

To round off your outfit, you need to be careful when choosing shoes. Go for a heeled shoe and don’t choose patterned shoes or those with too much colour.

When dressing up for a semi-formal event, choose a strappy heeled sandal to highlight your femininity. If you’re worried about chilly weather, throw a dark coloured blazer over your shoulders.

You can also wear a velvet dress on a casual night out. Match your dress with leather pull-on ankle boots, a half-moon crossbody bag and a leather pull-on ankle black leather jacket. Intensify your style with a wine-red lip colour and smokey eyes.

For a more sophisticated look, wear your dress with a pair of weave detail heeled sandals. Then, show off your sense of style with a croc chain detail tote bag and pearl earrings.

When to Wear a Velvet Midi Dress?

Velvet dresses are strictly reserved for nighttime. So feel sexy in a shimmering velvet dress on date night. Or choose a solid coloured dress and wear it to a fancy restaurant.