Polka Dot Dresses

A perennial favourite, the polka dot dress never goes out of style. Reworked in micro, maxi and abstract prints, there's an outfit for every mood and invitation. Opt for a classic polka dot midi dress, or add interest to denim with a micro polka dot top. A statement style that always steals the show.

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Womens Polka Dot Dresses

What is a polka dot dress?

Prints have come and gone, but polka dots have survived the rise and fall of fashion trends. From 1920s chic to timeless dotty darling, wearing a polka dot dress means you’re making a statement. Polka dots range from big, modern and bold to soft and classically feminine.

What is the length of a polka dot dress?

A polka dot dress can come in any shape and size. A ruffled or mini brown polka dot dress is both fashionable and cute, while a polka dot midi dress is a cool daytime look for a hot summer day . Use length as a tool to create your own unique sweet and whimsical or edgy and fashion-forward style. Depending on the print and style, polka dot dresses look good across all body shapes. It fits especially well on those with pear-shaped figures, as the round dots compliment the natural curves.

How to wear a polka dot dress?

Polka dots are an accessory on their own, and with the right touches, you can transform any polka dot dress from cute and quaint into a fiercely fashionable work or evening outfit.

Delight in the femininity of polka dots by adding a solid white or black waist belt and delicate neck scarf to your blue, brown or red polka dot dress. Not your style? Contrast that sweetness with a combination of a trench coat, utility or leather jacket, rugged boots and a black tote for a daring grungy-urban vibe.

Dare to dominate the office with a black and white polka dot dress and a stylish blazer to highlight your professional aesthetic, or choose something with a little more sparkle and add tights to switch flawlessly between your AM and PM look.

Which shoes to wear with a polka dot dress?

Dress up your polka dot dress with heels or dress down with chunky trainers. The versatility of polka dots means you can create almost any look just by combining them with the right shoes.

Feeling feminine? Pair a tiered or ruffled polka dot dress with neutral pumps and minimal accessories. For the daring and fashion-fearless, opt for a chunky boot to juxtapose femininity and masculinity. Try to stick to solid colours to highlight your dotted dress or stand out with a sandal that shares the same polka print.

When to wear a polka dress?

Polka dots are versatile, perfect for a cute, classical or fierce look. If you’re in the mood for spots and dots, focus on choosing the right accessories and style to create the ideal daytime or evening outfit you want. Ideal for a daytime summer wedding, or match up with boots for a sizzling date night!