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Womens Floral shirt dresses

What Is A Floral Shirt Dress?

A floral shirt dress is a dress with the design of either a t-shirt or a man’s button-up dress shirt. The florals can be big and bold in appearance or tiny and close together.

What Is The Length Of A Floral Shirt Dress?

It depends on the style and fit of the individual dress. For example, a floral midi shirt dress has a hemline that falls to the knee area of the leg and is the best fit for the rectangle body shape.

How To Wear A Floral Shirt Dress?

Shirt dresses are more casual wear and business wear than other styles. A popular floral look right now is in the Earth Grunge style. To pull off this look, make sure to wear darker colours, denim or leather and hiking boots. Thick wedge sandals can also go with the Earth Grunge design. For work, wear a bolder floral pattern with a skinny belt and ballet flats. Also, a nice bag to match would be a small messenger bag. Try not to go overboard and wear too many patterns with one outfit. For example, don’t wear a floral dress with polka dot leggings and animal print accessories. Floral prints can be formal; however, it’s not a good idea to wear a shirt dress to an event like a wedding.

Which Shoes To Wear With A Floral Shirt Dress?

All shoe styles go with this design. Trainers, hiking boots, and sandals go well if you’re going for a casual look. Heels look better with the more dressy designs, like for the office. Also, be sure to match the colour of the shoe with the colour and pattern of the dress. Shoes to avoid would be metallic shoes with nicer fabric because they give off a more formal vibe.

When To Wear A Floral Shirt Dress?

Even though it seems that floral designs are for the spring and summer, they also go with the fall and winter seasons too. To wear a floral pattern during those seasons, match the flower and colour of that season. For the fall, be sure to wear earth-tones or orange shades and for winter wear dark colours and icy colours for a cosy date night. Flowers like holly berries or poinsettias are great to wear at Christmas parties. Florals on a black dress go with all four seasons, not only for fall or winter. For summer and springtime, be sure to wear pastel colours like light pinks, blues, and violets for events like a summer picnic or brunch.