Floral Dresses

No matter the season, floral dresses are a certified staple. Discover bold florals in warm long sleeve designs for easy evening outfit, or opt for ditsy floral dresses in floaty maxi lengths with sandals for summer socials. The Warehouse edit of floral dresses for women features an array of silhouettes from figure-hugging midis to flirty minis. Whatever the occasion, find a floral dress to love here.

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Women's Floral Dresses

What is a floral print dress?

A floral print dress is a dress with a pattern of flowers that lays on top of a solid colour. The flowers cover the entirety of the dress.

What is the length of a floral print dress?

The length of the dress depends on its style. A floral print maxi dress has a hemline that falls to the ankle area of the leg. This type of fit looks best on taller girls with an athletic body shape. A floral midi dress has a hemline that falls to the knee area of the legs. This fit pairs well with the rectangle body shape.

How to wear a floral print dress

A floral print goes with different styles of dresses. Currently, there are casual florals on the market that go with the current earth grunge trend. These dresses are either long maxi dresses, midis or tiered.

They come in earth-toned colours, like rust, that pair with denim jackets and black hiking boots. The flower patterns can either be big and bold or small and close together.

Shoppers can also wear a floral print with another pattern like animals, stripes or plaid. The floral print is available for business functions so long as it follows the company’s dress code. If you want a formal look, then wear a dress that’s chiffon, satin or is a higher quality fabric.

Which shoes to wear with a floral print dress

All shoe styles pair with this type of dress. Trainers and boots go well with casual looks along with sandals. Heels look better for the more dressy designs.

Don’t forget to match the colour of the shoe with the colour and pattern of the dress. If you don’t want to wear patterned shoes, for whatever reason, then solid colours are the go-to choice.

When to wear a floral print dress

Even though it seems that floral designs are only for the spring and summer, they also go with the fall and winter seasons. To wear a floral pattern during those seasons, match the type of flower and colour of that season. Flowers like holly berries or poinsettias are great to wear at Christmas parties, for example. Florals on a black dress go with all four seasons, not just fall or winter, making for a more flexible style.